2017 “Coop Tour” Coop Registration Form

The 2017 Take-A-Peak Coop Tour will be held:
Saturday, May 20 & Sunday May 21. (The weekend after Mother’s Day)

“The Tour” will be the same format as in previous years. Hours will be 9-4 both days. As in past years the tour is free to all. If you would like to be on the tour this year, we have put together the following information to help you on your way.

Requirements to Be a Stop on the Tour:
1)Be wiling to open your yard and coop to the public. You don’t have to let them into the coop unless you want to.

2)Be willing to have the coop available for a minimum of four continuous hours. We try to block the times out in to four blocks – 9-1 Saturday, 12-4 Saturday, 9-1 Sunday and 12-4 Sunday. Minimum commitment is one four hour block. Max is how long you are willing to be open. (Time flies…..)

What we need from you:
Fill out this form with all required information: Registration Form
Need more info? Contact Kellie at takeapeaktour@gmail.com or (719) 362-0165