About The Tour

IMG_0825This tour (and this web site) was born out of a love for raising Backyard Chickens. Every chicken deserves a great place to call home and the backyard farmers of Colorado Springs have built some amazing works of art for their poultry!

Colorado Springs allows people to raise up to 10 chickens in backyard coops. This outing, called the Take a Peek Chicken Coop Tour, was designed for people to learn more about raising cob-chicken-coopchickens and get ideas for a coop of their own

*Want to be a part of the tour and show off your coop? Send an email to Kellie at takeapeaktour@gmail.com with your contact info and we will be in touch soon!

5 Responses to About The Tour

  1. Jennifer says:

    Are you having a tour this year in 2012 as well?

    • Coop Janitor says:

      Yes Jennifer, We will be having the Third Annual Take-A-Peak coop tour on May 19 and 20. Not many details yet but were collecting coop already.

      • eric odens says:

        Hi Coop Janitor – I would be willing to show my coop and birds. let me know ERic

      • Coop Janitor says:

        Hi Eric,
        I’m not using this site mucn – too many other things. We are having the tour on May 19 and 20. I’ll send email about being in the tour.

  2. Suzanne Favier says:

    Hi, I met Eric above and many others on the tour. In fact, Chris Faith is going to use my greenhouse to expand her hydroponic system. Anyway, I now am the proud owner of a super coop my husband build and nine chickens. I would love to be on the tour next year! Please contact me when you start the planning.
    Suzanne Favier

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